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We are a boutique marketing & consulting agency specializing in driving sales growth for retailers, brands, and manufacturers selling on Amazon

Functioning as an extension of your Leadership and Marketing team, we focus on developing and executing strategic, advertising & promotion, merchandising, and content optimization plans for Amazon sellers. Our data driven, hands-on approach has helped 3P Sellers and 1P Vendors accelerate their Amazon sales growth since 2011.

Amazon is the driving force of e-commerce accounting for nearly 50% of online sales. Are you getting your share?


Our Services

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Audit & Strategy Services

Less than 20% of professional sellers on Amazon sell more than $1 million annually. But, at any sales level, competition for product visibility and share of wallet is fierce. Learn how to jump start your product performance and accelerate sales growth with an audit of your Amazon business. 


Opportunity Assessment

Amazon can be a very confusing landscape of policies, acronyms, fulfillment, tax nexus, and operating options –especially for a potential new seller. Understand the competition in your category and learn what seller options are best for your business. 


Advertising & Promotion

Amazon’s dominance in search is driving incredible competition for prime advertising placement. Today, effective campaign management is a critical success factor. Understand the advertising & promotion options that fit your unique business needs and budget.


Detail Page Optimization

E-commerce starts with search and more than half of consumers start their product searches on Amazon. Learn how a content optimization blueprint can help drive qualified detail page views from search and boost your sales conversion rate. 

Advanced Content Development

With hundreds of millions of products offered on Amazon, sellers and brands need to leverage every opportunity to make a positive impression capture the sale. Learn how to effectively showcase your brand and tell your unique product story.


Experience, Knowledge and Commitment


“In the world of Amazon and E-commerce there are a lot of consultants and business service providers. I have worked with Gene for several years with multiple clients.  Gene is more than a consultant or service provider, he is a strategic partner who brings knowledge, experience, commitment and focus to every relationship.”



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